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Weekend at Goodwood

The Prestigious Members Club invites you and your partner to a ‘Weekend at Goodwood.’ Globally recognised as one of the finest English country estates for private and corporate hospitality.

Goodwood House, Luxury Events Venues, Prestigious Venues

Banquet Venue, Egyptian Dining Room, Goodwood House, Prestigious Venues

Beautiful Reception Venue, The Yellow Drawing Room, Goodwood House, Prestigious Venues



Event Registration

Cost – This event is complimentary for invited guests.
To Apply to Attend – Please complete the below:

Luxury Spa, Goodwood Hotel, Prestigious Venues
Fly a Small Plane, Corporate Hospitality, Goodwood, Prestigious Venues
Golf Course Venue, Corporate Hospitality Packages, The Goodwood Estate, Prestigious Venues
Unique Venue, Music Room, Goodwood House, Prestigious Venues
English Country House Venue, Goodwood Hotel, Prestigious Venues
Gala Dinner Venue, Ballroom, Goodwood House, Prestigious Venues

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