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“rhubarb” is a bespoke International food and drink group

Key Facts


Founded in 1996 by Lucy Gemmell, and defined by her drive and creative flair from the outset, “rhubarb” has now evolved into a truly formidable food company. With a team of skilled and experienced staff members, “rhubarb” has rightly earned its reputation as a member of the catering industry’s elite.

“rhubarb” is a bespoke International food and drink group with a strong, successful brand encompassing three complimentary channels; Restaurants, Venues and International Events. Close to 3 million customers experience the “rhubarb” brand annually. “rhubarb’s” brand ethos is to create tailor made solutions which have vision, are planned with precision and executed beyond expectation. “rhubarb” has the distinctive ability to adapt its offer without compromising identity, quality and the brand. All three of “rhubarb’s” channels share a bespoke but consistently delivered product that is beautifully presented and deliciously different and that customers can ‘eat with their eyes’. “rhubarb” always strives to be accessible to everyone – providing food and drink with a superb point of difference.



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